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The most potential home decoration design operators /



For 12 years, I have only insisted on doing the decoration work



EBEY cutting-edge, fashion, international, brand alliances, the potential of a unit decoration sector


Easy hundred brand radiation 32 provinces 100 city more than 150 branches of 2000 pilot design services across the country with high grade, high demand, high standards of customer, and strive to create an international brand decoration company.


易百裝飾(新加坡)集團有限公司(E&B decoration Singapore),是內地溫州易百裝飾設計工程有限公司注冊的國際品牌公司。易百創立于2006年,行走于新世紀時代,是近年來迅速崛起的新銳力量,是后起之秀中的一匹黑馬,但是我們更愿意說我們是一匹斑馬。易百品牌享譽社會各界,設計及施工實力雄厚,是國內一家充滿魅力的高素質的裝飾公司。

Ebey decoration (Singapore) Group Co., Ltd. (E&B decoration Singapore), is the mainland Wenzhou Yi decorative design Engineering Co., Ltd. registered international Brand Company. Yi founded in 2006, walking in the new century, is the rapid rise of new forces in recent years, is a black horse in the rising star, but we are more willing to say that we are a zebra. Yi hundred brand reputation in all walks of life, the design and construction of strong, is a full of charm of high-quality decorative companies.



Easy to join the National Center, located in Wenzhou, Xueyuan Road, Zhejiang creative park. In 2006, the first station was set up in Wenzhou to carry out the market in mainland China to provide high quality service to the domestic decoration market. With its cutting-edge design concept, unique business model, professional market outlook, scientific and technical construction, the peer industry has been unique attention. After several years of struggle, Yi Bai, domestic directly under the company and franchise companies have increased, brand awareness of all walks of life. All joined partners in the performance of the rapid ascension, and to achieve continued expansion of the scope of the operation.


Until 2017, EBEY brand radiation throughout the country 23 provinces, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Fujian, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, the company reached more than 150, located in Wenzhou, Huzhou, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Xining, Yinchuan, Taiyuan, Kunshan, Haikou, etc. 150 city large scale, the flagship store is also gradually increased, the more than 2000 to 100 outstanding designers across the country to serve high grade, high demand, high standards of customer.


Ebey is a learning oriented enterprise. The vitality of the post-80s generation represents the vitality of this enterprise. Every year, we meet around the world to study and study, and share the entrepreneurial experience with each city training course.


Ebey, and EBEY and various ge mascots in 2006 has been successfully registered trademark administration in China, the first international brand occupy the future trend of globalization concept, and demand. Company in 2009, and successfully in Hong Kong registered for Ebey decoration (Singapore) group Co., LTD. For domestic and international thoughts established in Singapore, provide for the branch of learning in Singapore increase job opportunities. According to national brand for Ebey franchise license, to develop domestic franchise was more stylist, entrepreneurship support and attention, easy to achieve greater Ebey market and form pool.




You are not proud, no one to help you proud, this is a wine, but also afraid of deep alleys of the times, the opportunity will not be prepared for the people, but to the red. Yi group high profile work, low-key attitude towards life, to help brokers young designers find a better direction.



China's first - is committed to the development of young entrepreneurs decorative Group!?


To help more talented young and potential joint venture, low cost, less resources, lack of market competition ability, and under the guidance of the brand effect to realize the systematic management and regular. Let the young to venture but friends, get stranded larger development space,



Products and the brand itself does not matter, the brand itself is super cattle products, easy brand vision and popular brand image, has created a new system of business models!


Easy hundred business model is unique and sharp, in just two months the moment broken up to tens of millions of air performance, become the leading enterprises in the local case too numerous to mention. What makes customers around the signing of bursting popularity? The product that is the brand, brand quality.





EBEY (Singapore) Group Co., Ltd.?


易百大中華區溫州站/CHINA CO.,LTD


電話/TEL:0577-88105100 傳真/FAX:0577-88105100?





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